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Magee High School, Vancouver, BC, Class of 1959

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A First Step in our Website Journey

When we began this website journey 3 months ago, we knew nothing about code and building a website.

But we had a vision, a simple text editor (Notepad), and an ample supply of paper clips and binder twine.

It truly is amazing what you can learn by exploring a topic on the web.

Anyway, this is our first cut at building a website. We expect it will evolve as we learn more about the various programming languages and select a web design software package.

In the meantime, your patience is appreciated. If you have web design skills or other suggestions, send us an Email and get involved with the team. Ciao for now.

PS If you would like to see what the code looks like for this page (or any web page), then "right click" on the page and select "view source" ... Cool eh?

Speaking of Web Design Evolution ...

Have you ever seen the very first web page which was published in August 1991? Check it out In this article which goes on to explain how web design has evolved since that time.