Magee59 In Memoriam

Magee High School, Vancouver, BC, Class of 1959

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At Peace ... Remembered Well

We are apart, they and us.

But we are together in many shared memories.

What is our purpose while we remain? What are they doing while they wait for us?

Tick-tock ... time will tell!

While Waiting for Thee

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Links to Remember

If you have an obituary link or other words of remembrance regarding a deceased classmate, please send us the details in an Email and we will include it here.

Geoff Atkinson (click to view or hide remembrance)
Bob Brodie (click to view or hide remembrance)
Edison Inouye (click to view or hide remembrance)
Bob Loptson (click to view or hide remembrance)

David Adair North Vancouver 1982
Joan Allan unknown 1970s
Geoff Atkinson Richmond 2010
Dave Babcock Chilliwack 1994
Sandra Bell Herbert Vancouver 2000
Donna Bjornson Henderson San Diego 1998
Jane Bradley Vancouver 1980
Bob Brodie Melbourne 2011
Bill Cameron West Vancouver 2004
John Cameron Coquitlam 2005
Allan Chadbourne Victoria 1990s
Bob Chambers Vancouver 2007
Judy Clements Vancouver 1991
Graeme Cline Richmond 2006
Paul D'Arcey unknown unknown
Gordon Dumaresq Richmond 2003
Madeline Gemmill Enderby 2000
Elizabeth Glynes Byhette Regina 2005
Art Goodman Vancouver 1966
Edison Inouye Toronto 2012
Margaret Gordon Irwin Prince George 2009
Jim Gosnell Salt Spring Island 1998
Rosemary Hager Thomas Manhattan Beach, CA 2001
Harold Hanson Vancouver 2005
Gery Harlos New Zealand 1997
Larry  Harrison Seattle 2010
Dave  Higgins Vancouver 1993
Lionel Hull unknown
Benson Kanee Las Vegas 1998
Lynda Kirkham Brodie Melbourne, Australia 1986
Dave  Kitamura North Vancouver 2007
Bob Loptson Toronto 2012
Donna McAllister Rowles Vancouver 2006
Joan McDonell Brown West Vancouver 2003
Gail Mitchell Lynn San Diego, CA 1997
Norm Moxin unknown 1958
Janet Owen MacNaughton Hornby Island 2002
Roddy Pegg Prince Rupert 1963
John Randall Vancouver 1985
Allison Rankin Morrison Vancouver 1994
Linda Rosenfeld Slade unknown 1980s
Linda Schmidt unknown 1970s
Norm Schneider Vancouver 2003
John Siderfin unknown unknown
Karen Speidel unknown 1980s
Rick Thomas West Vancouver 1964
Sally Tobin McDonagh Vancouver 1995
Mike West Kelowna 2004
Wendy White unknown 1970s
Brian Whitelaw Maple Ridge 2007
Carol Yates Vancouver 1995