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Magee High School, Vancouver, BC, Class of 1959

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Hugh Magee, A Point Grey Pioneer

Where did the school name, Magee, come from? Read This blog entry by historian Chuck Davis and find out.

Who in our Class of '59 is a descendent of Hugh Magee?

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Did You Ever Ride the BC Electric Railway Interurban?

BCER Interurban Car 1225 is being restored by Fraser Valley Heritage Railway Society. Bob Ashton, Magee Class of 1959, has been variously Chair/Vice Chair of FVHRS since 2001. Take a step back in time and check out The FVHRS Website. Volunteers have put major amounts of work, skill, commitment, and TLC into their restoration projects.

Dal Richards, Class of 1936

Dal's name is synonymous with Magee, where he formed and led the first school band from 1933 to 1937.

Google Dal and you will find numerous other sites which chronicle his background, activities, and accomplishments.

Magee Class of 1955

This cool "charcoal and pink" website was inspired by their 55th Class Reunion.

Magee High School

Check out the Magee High School website which includes an Alumni page and links to Clubs and other school activities and information.

Magee All Grads Matching Endowment Fund
(Vancouver Foundation, Agency Fund)

In 2014, Magee Secondary School will celebrate its 100th Anniversary. As part of the centennial celebrations, a number of former alumni have been working to establish an endowment fund to support students at the school who are involved in socially responsible initiatives. The idea for the fund was the brainchild of Wilson Baker, a member of the Class of 1959. For the past two years, Bill Harvey and Brooke Campbell, also members of the Class of 1959, have been working hard to establish the fund. Together, these gentlemen envisioned the fund to act as a legacy gift from the grads of the first century of Magee to the next with the intention of teaching and supporting philanthropic values.

As a result of these efforts, The Magee All Grads Matching Endowment Fund has been established at the Vancouver Foundation as an Agency Fund. Each year, up to 80% of the income from the fund may be used to match monies raised by students for projects that are designated to benefit the wider community. It is hoped that by 2014, the fund will have grown to a sizeable amount through donations from former graduates, thereby supporting a wide range of student-based projects.

Follow these links to learn more about:
Vancouver Foundation - Agency for MAGMEF
How to contribute to MAGMEF (follow Donor and Agency links)
Club and Charitable Activities of current Magee students