Magee59 Photo Gallery

Magee High School, Vancouver, BC, Class of 1959

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Our Memories are linked to Photos

We have approximately 400 photos (old and current) which we plan to sort into albums and display on our Coppermine Photo Gallery

If you have photos which you would like us to include and/or if you would like to become the Photo Administrator for our website, then send us an Email and we will advise how best to proceed.

Our Coppermine Photo Gallery is viewable by the public and is located at

At present, there are 2 Albums (Magee59 Reunion 2009, Early Years 1950's) and 53 pictures. There are 4 ways to view the pictures: thumbnail, intermediate, slideshow, full screen. Click on a thumbnail and you will get the intermediate view. Click on an intermediate picture and you will get the full screen for that picture. In the intermediate view, click the upper left icon for the slideshow. Good luck ... perseverance pays!.

Over the next several weeks, we will be adding additional Albums and Photos and experimenting with different themes (template looks) for our gallery. Stay tuned ... and let us know when you have photos to upload