Several days ago, one Monty Cordingley, an unemployed (he sez retired) gentleman residing in Kelowna, sent us the following email:

I think I’m the oldest of all those 59 Grads born during 1941 (Jan 04); so Happy # 70 as your birthday arrives throughout 2011.

(Doug Garnett is Jan 03, but I think he was born 1940).

Regards: Monty Cordingley in Kelowna BC

This elicited a number of responses from contenders and pretenders to the titles of Class Olde Phart and Class Baby. Ergo:

Bill, Seasonally Adjusted Greetings to you.

Linda and I thank you for all your work in keeping us informed on what is going on. I look forward to spending some time on the website over the holidays.

I have 2 claims that not many others of the group can match. First, I am probably the only one whose name is misspelled in the year book. Second, Monty may be close to the oldest but I think I must be close to the youngest at January 29, 1942.

Keep smiling.

Bob and Linda (Johnston) Loptson

Hi, The important ? is, who is the class baby. I’m one of the younger ones, Nov 5 41 but somewhere there must be a Dec. infant? Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year. Carol MacLean (Arnold)

Could I be the class baby? My birthday is Jan. 17, 1942.
Sandra Ryder (O’Hara).

My birthday is Dec 10/41 Stan (Webber)

Mary Edgar and Judie Fox were both born on November 28, 1941, and won bottles of wine at the Faculty Club for the honour of being the two youngest.

Judie Fox Roberts

Give the wine back, ladies. You are not even close! On we go….

Sorry Bob…I hope I don’t ruin your holidays, BUT: I am the class baby (definitely not to be confused with ‘babe’)..Can anyone beat March 25th,

Happy holidays to all, Cecille Groberman Cohen

And an Olde Phart emerges!

Well I think Davie Rae has got you all beat….. June 10, 1940!!

He is away now with his family for Christmas and we share the same work email (I run his office) but I have enjoyed this little game…. although Davie will probably fire me for the “old fart award” haha.
Merry Christmas to you all!

Susanne Hankin, Manager
Hardal Management Inc.

And we had the analytical bit from a fairly well expected engineering source:

It might be worth checking:

Monty Cordingley says he was born on January 4, 1941 (let’s assume he is correct)
He says that Doug Garnett was born on January 3, 1940

In commenting to Monty you say “Doug has you by a day”.

Either Doug was born in 1941 and you are right, or he was born in 1940 and you are wrong — it would be a year difference.

As to name spelling, Bob Loptson believes he is the only one whose name was spelled wrong in the 1959 year book. As you know, mine was spelled wrong also, but you picked up the correct spelling somewhere along the way. There may be others. I’m quite willing to forgive Dave Higgins (if he made the mistake) since he was such a nice guy.

Brian Van Snellenberg

Well, as we all know Doug wasn’t born: he simply occurred. And as to Dave Higgins being a “nice guy” – well that’s a gimme.

And the Class Grinch checked in:

Does it really count if the only way you can win the Class Old Fart award is to fail and have to do grade three again?

God jul och gott nytt ar

Peter (Bogardus)

Ooohh! Sock, biff, pow..

There was a gentlemanly concession:

Congratulations Cecille !!!!!!!!!! As soon as the prize arrives here in Central
Canada I will redirect to you.

Actually, I like to think of myself as 10 years from middle age and just
approaching my prime. But when I do arthur gives me a little shot and reminds
me that is no longer true.

Enjoy and keep smiling.

Bob (Loptson)

A near winner:

Hi Bill, I was born Apr. 29, 1942.

Merry Christmas to you and yours,
Patrick (Monahan)

A fan:

This is so much fun. Happy New Year to everyone. Marilyn (Smith) Brock

A couple more close winners:

Hi Bill – have caught up with emails and finally own up to a birthday March 30/42 – is that the youngest? Hope you had a good Christmas – Best wishes to you and your family for the New Year – Dayle (McPherson) Farenholtz

Hello All, Greetings from the Boston area. Not to be a spoiler for Cecile, but i am April 2, 1942, as I was one of those who was
‘Skipped” in the third grade, which they did in those times to trouble-makers in the classroom – just bumped us up to the next grade to get rid of us. Happy Boxing Day to all! Carol Knowles Steele

And all the while, laying in the weeds, just off our port bow and waiting his turn, was this guy:

Okay–my wife -Dianne West (Scharfe) was born 18 July, 1942!! Nick Scharfe

You cradle robber, Nick! And this, we believe, is indeed the Class Baby and in all probability also the Class Babe! (Didn’t we kinda know this already?) But, truth be known, Dianne was in very hot competition for Class Babe. We have no shortage of deserving femmes in Magee ’59!

Send that case of Gerbers back west, Bob!

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  1. Brent Reid says:

    I was born at St. Paul’s Hospital on December 16, 1941, during an air raid drill. Pearl Harbour had been bombed a week earlier, so the authorities were taking precautions.

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