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Magee High School, Vancouver, BC, Class of 1959

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Magee59 Collaborative Blog:

We have set up a collaborative blog for members of Magee Class of 1959 to record and share short stories about the 1950′s, values they have learned, turning points they have experienced, places they have visited, hobbies they love, retirement wisdom, and such other topics as the muses may inspire. Our collaborative blog is located at and may be read by anyone who has the location (URL).

Members of Magee Class of 1959 can contribute to the collaborative blog, by sending us an Email asking to be added as a collaborative blog Author. We will add the member as an Author and send them an email with a password and instructions on how to post to the collaborative blog. Authors will only have permission to post and edit their own blog entries.

WordPress is the platform for our collaborative blog. Check out This site if you would like to take WordPress for a spin. Just scroll down to the WordPress Demo section, choose the "Admin Page" link, and then sign-in using "admin" for the UserName and "demo123" for the Password. You are then free to compose and publish a blog, make comments, change themes, etc. Give it a try.

Personal Blogs:

Do you keep a blog which you would like to link to this website? If so, send us an Email with the name of the blog, its’ web location, and its’ focus. Also, confirm that the blog can be read by the public and does not require a password.

We will include the link to your blog in this section.

Confused By All This Technology?

Robert Jack is and writes - "All this "blog" stuff and other strange new terminology is so confusing for some of us people that are not all that close to the centre of the watermelon. The clip below may explain the predicament we're in ... or perhaps it's just because my Blackberry isn't working".

Stick with it Rob ... we're sure that one day you will reap the fruits of your labor!